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Graduation gift from BabyElephant

Welcome to the world of original graduation gifts! We believe that you will find the right gift for your loved ones.

Online store was founded with a vision to sell in Czech Republic and Slovak Republic quality and luxury graduation caps which we can see during graduation ceremony in American movies and serials. Currently our offer includes 7 types of graduation caps, not only with the choice of 14 variants of colored tassels but also of many other ways to personalize your gift.

We have been on the market since 2013 and during that time we have included many original gift items that you can't find elsewhere in our product range. On our partner website we have opened a rental and sale of graduation caps and gowns for kindergartens, schools, companies and groups and on the website you can find interesting articles from the world of graduation from the recipe of graduation cupcake, through the insight into the production of our glasses with graduation cap inside to the tip how to choose the color of graduation cap tassel.

GRADUATION GIFTSE-shop Graduation gift from BabyElephantoci od Slůněte

Original graduation gifts including a rich selection of quality graduation caps. Furthermore, you can find there glass products, products for graduation celebration, towels with embroidery, photo frames and many other gifts.


We embroider on purchased graduation caps, gowns and others so that your gifts and festive clothing are even more personal. In addition to embroidery, you can find there also, for example, a machine-cut iron-on inscription on a graduation cap.


From kindergarten to university! We offer sales and rental of student caps and gowns for schools, kindergartens, companies and collectives. Not only graduation but also, for example, the graduation ball, kindergarten termination or trainee program can be organized in the festive style of student caps and gowns. Find more information on


Interesting facts about our products, tips how to donate money originally, recipe for graduation cupcake or information about what color of tassel of graduation cap to choose? All this and much more from the world of graduation can be found on our partner website

We always gladly meet our customers halfway, so feel free to contact us in case of any special requests. Also by this way some of our products have arisen and we will be pleased to participate on creation of something new.

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  • - affiliate website with offer for collectives, kindergartns and companies
  • - affiliate website that brings you information from the world of graduation
  • Let embroider text on graduation cap according to your wishes!
  • We offer you set of graduation cap and gown for rent from 348 CZK.