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Graduation gown U1 Maximize

Graduation gown U1

Feel the real atmosphere of graduation.

The graduation ceremony needs cap and gown with a colored stole.

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699,00 Kč

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Graduation gown - let your students or your loved ones complete the studies in the spirit of global tradition of graduation gowns!

Completion of studies, whether it is a school or university is always an important event. On this occasion, you can say goodbye to years of studies at graduation ceremony in graduation gown and cap. Some schools do not offer to experience this beautiful tradition yet, but with graduation gown and cap from our shop

you can fully experience this festive time!

Our graduation gowns:

We offer festive gowns in matt black color and sizes: S, M, L a XL.
Girls usually best fits sizes S and M, and for boys we offer little bigger gows L and XL.

Colored stole is part of the gown, which brightens it up and you can so match colors with our graduation cap, colored tassel and embroidery on the cap. Closing of the gown is solved by tiny black zipper.

The length of the festive stole: 152 cm.

Zipper closure
4 sizes
Easy maintenance: machine washable, no ironing
A colored stole is included in the price

Size chart:

Tabulka velikostí talárů

Gown size - graduation

Table: To enlarge click on the table.

Graduation cap is not a part of the graduation gown and must be ordered as a separate product.

How to make the graduation gift even better?

Embroidery on Graduation Gown

For a surcharge, we can make an embroiderery on the gown with the logo of your school, business, or any other motive according to your wishes. Each embroidery is unique and therefore the price is determined individually. Do not hesitate to contact us with your proposal via email

Iron-on transfers

Another way how to decorate the gown is to use the ironing foil. We can use it to create an inscription, a logo, a picture in different colors, including a glittering foil. Please quote the price calculation and graphic design at