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School classes, collectives, companies - ADULTS

CATALOG 2019/2020
Graduation caps and gowns

Nabídka promočních čepic a talárů 2016

You can download the offer by clicking on the PDF icon or HERE.

seznam_ok.png Sale and rent of graduation caps and gowns!
With us you can combine both variants and so organizea a graduation, a graduation ball or a trainee program finish with costs that suit you.
seznam_ok.png Transport in Prague without any worries!
On the partner website We offer you the service "Přivezeme odvezeme". For the price of CZK 499 we will personally deliver gowns and caps to you. In the case of rental, we will also pick up the goods and so you can let the complete transport on us.
seznam_ok.png Embroidery according to your wishes!
We will be pleased to embroider on graduation caps or gowns your logo, any title or any other theme. We do not charge anything for consulting and programming embroidery, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your idea.

School classes and collectives - graduation

We will be pleased to help you make your graduation with friends as you can see graduations in American movies and serials - in graduation caps and gowns.

We offer both sale and rental of graduation caps and gowns. The sale can be combined with the rental, and thus you can borrow for example gowns and buy graduation caps that after graduation will remain you as a beautiful memory of graduation.

Do not be afraid to ask - This way, some of our products have been created too and we will be happy to participate in creation of something new. More information on

Maturitní čepice - dárek k maturitě na maturitní ples pro maturitní ročník

Last year on high school - graduation ball

Are you planning a graduation ball and want to be different than others?
Be original, exceptional, unforgettable!

Termination of high school is an unrepeatable event in your life, and it is up to you in what spirit yours will do.

Dance show in gowns? Sure!

Student gowns are very loose, so you can easily hide your clothing for dance show under. Dance show will have a traditional look and impressive start.

Companies - a gift to the completion of the trainee program and training

The modern trend to give graduaton cap to new employees who succesfully complete trainee program or corporate training can be in your company too!

The graduation cap is a world-wide symbol of termination all levels of education, whether it is public or private. The modern trend to give graduaton cap to new employees who succesfully complete trainee program or corporate training. If you are interested in cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Promotional item up to CZK 500 = tax savings

We are able to create your logo on the caps and gowns, and so that these products can be considered as promotional items.


  • - affiliate website with offer for collectives, kindergartns and companies
  • - affiliate website that brings you information from the world of graduation
  • Let embroider text on graduation cap according to your wishes!
  • We offer you set of graduation cap and gown for rent from 348 CZK.